15 important things to consider prior to do online shopping

Online shopping is an extremely popular topic nowadays.

There are several factors to consider prior to do online shopping, which helps to become a happy shopper. My intention is to share my thoughts and opinions always with my fellow audience. So, I have made a list of 15 crucial things should be considered prior to do online shopping.

  • Secure website

This means, the website uses https for the website address, which encrypts data between you and the website within a secure tunnel. This has become a considerable factor due to hackers tend to spy on data when online shoppers do their shopping.

  • Privacy policy

With the appearance of e commerce or electronic commerce some far shoppers’ privacy has become to a risk. Mainly this has happened since e commerce website owners used to do online marketing by using shoppers’ data. Not only using the data to market products of a website, but also sharing the data with other stores. Thus, I have used to read privacy policy page of the website to get an understanding what types of data do the website collects.

I would like to mention an example. Tesco online shop has a very descriptive privacy policy

  • Refund policy

This policy reveals how the shoppers get a refund upon their request. Because the proportion the store refund varies from e commerce store to store. Consequently, it is a good practice to check the refund policy always.

  • Delivery charges

Get a clarification on delivery charges is a good practice. It helps to prevent from unnecessary circumstances and issues. Because if you are looking to buy a small item and if the online store’s delivery charge is greater than your purchasing item, that is not worth for you.

  • Delivery availability

This is another crucial factor that you should consider. Because some stores do not provide country wide delivery. Instead of that, they deliver only to a specific area. Furthermore, some stores provide wide range of delivery facilities.

If we take a look at Tesco online shop, they offer same-day delivery option.

And Morrisons deliver through a mobile application. The shoppers can schedule a specific delivery time according to their desire.

  • Delivery duration

This factor really matters when you do online shopping with websites, that have a global presence such as Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.

Despite of the higher product quality, you will be needed to consider about delivery duration as well before you place the order. Because if you buy for an urgent requirement and if the product gets a more delivery time than expected, I do not think that will make sense of the purchasing the product.

  • Currency

If the store does not show product prices in your local currency, it is better to check for a currency convertor is available on the website. Currently, majority of the websites offer a currency convertor for major currencies. Not only the major currencies, but also some websites offer all the currencies in the world.

Therefore, looking to get the product price in your familiar currency helps to decide your shopping decision.

  • Payment gateway

Payment gateway is the door connects your payment to the website. It is as simple as the task what a cashier does at a physical shopping store. But, as I mentioned earlier, there are cyber attackers tend to steal sensitive payment information such as bank details, credit/debit card details and PINs. Hence, websites should use a reliable payment gateway. I recommend to check for a well known payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, etc

  • Reviews

When it comes to reviews, I like to consider reviews related to social media. Moreover, reviews related to products. Nowadays websites have enabled product reviews beneath their products on the website.

We call these as social proofs. Good reviews persuade to buy more products with the website.

  • Contact options

Looking for multiple contact options is not a bad idea. Because when you need to contact the e commerce store, there should be multiple contact options available. Especially an email address, contact us form and phone number.

  • Customer service

This is an incredibly good option too. If there is a feasibility to provide 24×7 customer service, that will be a factor, which makes the shoppers more comfortable. Presently, we can see most of the online stores have enabled live chat facility. And some stores have opened hotlines as well.

  • Social media presence

If an online shop has its’ social media presence into a certain extent, that is a good factor to get a decision regarding online shopping with that store.

Because when a store appears on social media platforms, past buyers can review about their shopping experience with that shop. As new buyers you can decide the quality and reliability of the store, by looking at those reviews.

  • Tracking

Tracking provides real time status about the product that you purchased. By my personal perspective, this is a factor that I always concern when I do shopping. The retail website provides a unique identification number as your tracking.

  • Price

Although I mention this almost last in the list, this is also a crucial factor as same as other top factors. Because, everyone likes to buy for a competitive price. In fact, people like to buy for the best price. Because of that always doing a comparison between several online stores, is a better practice.

  • General/niche store

I prefer always to shop with niche stores except global stores such as Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. Because niche stores offer better products for competitive prices. Apart from that, store owners aware about what they do since they are dedicated to a specific niche.

As an example, if you have a Labrador dog and you shop with a general pet store. But that will not give the best products for you. If you shop with a niche store that has created for Labrador’s products, you will get the best products.

As a conclusion, I assume these facts will be helpful for you. Please share you ideas and opinions with me by commenting to the post.

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