9 things you need to know to get your full money’s worth

When it comes to shopping, people don’t feel to talk about the issues related to money. According to a survey, more than 50% of the people spend their money on online shopping, despite being stressed about being broke. Since 2016, trends are changing, and more people are spending money by shopping through e-commerce platforms rather than visiting the nearest stores to tend to their needs, and yes, it is convenient. But, there are a couple of things that you need to know before setting sail in the internet market ocean. As a shopaholic, your primary motive should be to save more money, buy more things and differentiate between a scam and a real marketplace. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before hitting that “add to cart” button.

Shop when it is sale season

Price of every product fluctuates throughout the year. I ran the numbers myself and found out that if you want to shop for the best prices and enjoy huge discounts, consider buying in November and January for new products. Tuesdays are the best while considering others days. Black Fridays come with substantial surprises too.

Save money using coupons

Before you go and buy stuff, go through with your options using Google search bar. Look out for any coupons available. Make sure to apply those coupons before purchasing anything online.

Be sensible while signing up for newsletters

Whenever you are purchasing any product online, and they offer you a flat 15% on discount if you signed up for their newsletters or e-mails, make your decision wisely. In some cases, people go through with the purchase one time, and every week when they get newsletters, they make more purchases because of the availability of new items. Consider this a trap and unsubscribe if you can’t hold yourself from shopping.

Read the reviews

Before purchasing any product, it is wise to read reviews about the products online. These reviews are incredibly helpful when it comes to shopping from an e-commerce store. Watch out for fake reviews, and differentiate between original reviews and paid reviews.

Virtual stores, real money

Virtual payment doesn’t hurt like when you pull out the wallet and pay in cash. Online shopping entraps the person by giving him the feeling that he is not spending actual money while he is. It has the magical ability to make people forget that although they are buying from a virtual world, they are spending real money. One doesn’t feel guilty after shopping online, and that is why it is dangerous for the budget too.

Run price comparisons

Before going all the way through with the purchase, be sure to match the selling price stated by other sellers. A higher price doesn’t always mean that no one is offering the same product at a lower price. Download price comparing app from playstore or app store to look out for the best seller who is offering discounts too.

Watch out for incentive programs

Sometimes websites offer free shipping, which means that when you spend a specific amount of money on products, the e-commerce store will not include shipping. This is a trick to entrap people into impulse buying. It will look like you are spending money to save money, but in reality, you will buy more than you initially intended too. This doesn’t mean that the company is running a scam or something, because sometimes these deals come out to be really good deals at the end.

Stay safe

Well, this is the hottest issue since 2008. While doing online shopping, be extra careful about giving out sensitive information such as financial details or shipping address. Watch out for web addresses. Consider shopping from safe websites. Many tech magazines have marked those websites safe for online shopping that have an “s” after Http address. The s in https stands for secure. Keep an eye out for a little lock icon on the website too. Stick to those platforms that you are familiar with and steer clear of those who are new in the game. Don’t go for websites that seem a little spooky to you.

Avoid scams

Counterfeits and scams are as real as your fear of coronavirus. Counterfeits are everywhere on the internet. Some even sell their products on major e-commerce platforms. That is why it is suggested to read reviews about products before buying anything online. It is difficult to spot the fakes among the original, but with some common sense, one can safely purchase the right product.

If you are still not sure about how to save money while shopping, use the 48-hour rule. Wait for 48 hours before making the purchase. If you still want the item and your interest didn’t fade away, go for the purchase. Care to add more? Write in the comments.

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