There is not a single individual who doesn’t love shopping. Particularly when all of us have Online shopping apps installed on our smartphones. Those days are long gone when people had to visit their nearest shopping malls or superstores to find out what’s new in the market or if they have got that item in the stock which you want. But, this is an era of smartphones, where shopping more than anything is convenient, and everything is possible just in a few taps. Whatever you want to buy, either it is clothing, accessories, or electronics, these online shopping apps are better than the shop itself. If you are a shopaholic and love going out on a spending spree, then this article is for you and you alone.

Ali Express

Using this app, consumers from all over the world can find their way to thousands of brands and millions of products at slightly competitive prices than the conventional markets. Ali Express not only serves the purpose of being your online custom shopping mall but is also open to negotiation as you will find a different set of prices by different producers.


This app is home to a monthly 197 million visitors. It is topping the list in the United States and some other parts of the world and provides the best experience to its user. Amazon offers the widest range of products possible and allows the user to experience a faster and feasible online shopping experience. The website boasts about its secure and multiple payment gateways, which makes the website and online shopping experience reliable and trustworthy.


It is a huge and gigantic marketplace just like Amazon and provides the best shopping experience not only to its users but to those people too, who are just collecting the data related to a specific product. One can easily use the filter and search option of the website to search for the desired product and also have access to the local inventory. The websites have the edge over others because of their easier checkout process and other custom options.


If you are a shopaholic and a business owner at the same time, what better app could serve your purpose? You can buy, sell, and save stuff within the eBay app. This is the best online shopping app as one can easily shop for deals or list items that you want to sell in a matter of seconds straight from sitting on your couch. It provides everything, from home essentials to garden tools, from food items to apparel, and from fitness items to cleaning utilities, you name it!


It is a worldwide e-commerce web platform that is trying to connect millions of merchants and potential buyers from every corner of the world. Their website boasts about serving more than 70M active users per month and takes pride over selling more than 3M products on a daily basis.


With being its base in India and launched not earlier than 2007, it is also a leading e-commerce marketplace with an average rating of 4.46 on both AppStore and play store. The website is offering products ranging from mobile phones to electronic devices and accessories, from large Appliances to small home appliances and other utilities. It serves the purpose of being your custom grocery or supermart


Lazada lures people into buying from them because of new user benefits and offers huge super sales. The online shopping superstore has more than 140 million active users who don’t like leaving their homes and want to enjoy the best shopping experience on their cell phones. Currently, the website is offering a mid-year super sale.

Mercado Libre

This online shopping e-commerce platform was launched in 1999 in Argentina. The app boasts about being a solid 4.72 on the app store based upon its 5.8M ratings. The edge of this app over others is that you can not only find used cars and motorcycles but searching for prices and saving money is rather comfy and easier than other apps.

Club Factory

It was launched in 2014 as a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle online shopping store. The e-commerce platform has stood its ground in market places like Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and India, which are not only its leading markets, but the majority of its sellers are using this platform to sell their items. It provides its services in the arena of fashion, apparel, home decoration items, and accessories. It has more than 2,000,000 products from numerous categories, and the user can shop for the latest items by paying the lowest price possible.

All of the apps listed above are not only the best e-commerce apps available on google play store and iPhone AppStore, but provide the users with an enhanced online shopping experience. These online shopping apps not only shed light on the latest trends in the market but provide uncluttered navigation and seamless synchronization. These e-commerce apps are successful in the arena of online shopping because they always maintain the user’s desire to search for products and shop for items at any time from anywhere across the world.


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