How to do online shopping e-commerce without leaving your house or workspace?

Online shopping has changed the whole shopping experience as one can easily find the best deals without negotiating for the price and can get the required product on their doorstep. Online shopping is feasible. There are many movies that are made around it, and there are many people who do their apparel shopping from online shopping stores only. From tickets to your favorite shows to buying washing machines, from groceries to holiday packages, there are countless websites that are offering products and services to their prestigious buyers. One can easily visit a shopping website to perform the transaction and get the desired product and service. In this handy guide, I will make sure that you learn how to find a product online and make the transaction accordingly. You will need a

  • Working computer with a stable internet connection
  • A credit or a debit card

Remember that this is a step by step guide so you should not miss any step if you want to learn how to do online shopping without leaving your house or workspace.

Google for a product by using the search bar

Just input the name of the product that you want to buy and let Google do its thing. For example, if you want to buy a radio from a particular company, just input the company’s name along with the radio and let Google come back with a variety of results. You will find plenty of results ranging from the company itself, offering it along with the e-commerce websites offering the same product with a wide range of prices. You can use the shopping option on Google itself. Clicking on it will give you the product reviews and prices.

Look for your product on an e-commerce website

Although some e-commerce platforms sell items themselves, some of these e-commerce stores act as a liaison between the consumers and the third-party vendors. These vendors and companies use amazon as a way to enlist the product and use the payment system provided by the e-commerce platform.

Check auction websites for rare items

For products that are harder to find naturally, check the online auction websites. These products are extremely rare, and one cannot find these in usual e-commerce stores. That is why go for these websites if you really want to buy that particular item.

Visit market-specific websites

If you don’t want to shop from auction websites or the big-name e-commerce stores, there are a variety of other places too, from where you can find better deals or can purchase things that you want to. It is advised to check the retailer’s own website before purchasing it from the e-commerce platform. In some cases, it is cheaper to buy directly from the retailer than buying from the vendor. But remember that not every manufacturer have their own online shopping stores.

Do smart transactions

After you have selected the product that you wanted to buy, check for the shipping costs related to the product. Even if you find an amazing deal, it won’t be worth it if there are huge shipping costs attached to it. Check if the website offers a discount if you purchase multiple items. Try to purchase things from a single vendor for your own convenience. Avoid the products that are furbished; these are sometimes B-quality products or have been repaired. Check the warranty for the product and ensure that the coverage is good if the product fails to perform again.

Stay secure and add to basket

Always check if the site is secure, ensure that the password you are entering is encrypted. Make sure that after you have picked the right product, add it to the basket.

Continue shopping or buy your product

After you have added the product to your bucket, you will see two options hovering over your desktop. One will be to buy other items from the website, and the other will be to check out and pay for the item.

Checkout and proceed with the payment

In case you have made up your mind that you only need one product at the moment, and want to check out, click on the checkout button and proceed to the payment option. There are numerous websites which demand that you sing up before finally performing the transaction. Go through with the sign-up part, as in the future, the shopping process will be a whole lot easier if you already had an account on that specific website.

Finalize checking out

Before finally checking out, you will need to completely fill all of the boxes that have an asterisk beside them. Input your complete name, email, and address. If you are sending someone a gift, then fill in the box with the address of the person that you are sending it to.

Review your purchase

After you have selected the item and finalized the purchase, the website will provide you the opportunity to review your purchase. This is your only chance to make sure that you have ordered the item that you really want, as well as the right quantity. If you still want to go through with the purchase, add your credit or debit card details and click confirm card details. You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Stay secure and shop conveniently!

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