Online shopping is very convenient and comfortable because by buying online, you can shop around while sitting on your couch, can find the best prices without negotiating and your packages are delivered right on your doorstep without even stepping outside the comfort of your home. But online shopping is more than looking for the lowest price. You also have to make sure that the products you ordered are delivered on time, and that their quality is top-notch just like you expected it to be. You also need to ensure that all of the packages contain a proper warranty date and that you have the option to send back the products if there is something wrong with the package or the goods inside. Bear in mind that you can also get a customer support service if you are ordering something online. Here are some of the tips to improve your online shopping experience.

Place orders from a secure location

If you want to order something from an online retailer, ensure that the computer or the network you are using is substantially protected from any malicious software. If you have any non-official app or software installed on your computer, chances are that you might become the victim of financial loss, and this can also lead to identity loss too. When you are accessing these online shopping websites from a non-secure location, you are at the risk of losing your passwords as well as other potentially sensitive information too. If you are using a wireless network, ensure that it is encrypted, because public networks are unsafe. You might get compromised while making a transaction on a public network.

Know the merchant and their location

If you are familiar with the store, shopping online with them is safe. You can always visit the store in case of any grievance or in case of any inquiry related to the products. If you don’t know the store and aren’t sure about the reputation of the store, run a background check on your own by visiting the websites that review these stores and their products. Chances are that you’ll find what you are looking for.

Avoid offers that look fishy

Any e-store that is offering too much for a little money is either entrapping innocent customers or is selling stolen items. If the price of the product that you want to enquire is potentially low as compared to other web stores, consider for a while that if the merchant got his hands on the product legally or not. There are some other factors that you need to take into consideration such as, is there a money-back guarantee if the item will work if the seller is selling what he is promising in pictures or is he doing shady business such as he wants to earn some extra dollars by selling your financial information online.

Make your password unique

If you are visiting a new website for the first time, in order to check out and purchase the products, you will have to make an account with the website. When you go to that stage, make sure not to put information that is not necessary to make the purchase. Ensure that the password you are creating with the website is unique and has strong characters.

Is the site secure enough?

Before you enter your financial information such as credit card information, look at the address bar that if the website is marked safe by your browser.  If the website starts with https instead of Http, then you will have your answer. That tiny “s” at the end of Http will tell you that the website is secure to use and encrypts all the information that you enter.

Check for company’s shipping terms

Some merchants are known to put a hefty sum of money in the form of shipping fees. This doesn’t only ruin the fun of online shopping but could prove to be an expensive mistake too. Ensure that the merchant is providing insurance and tracking. Don’t shy from asking about the carrier’s information. You should be particularly cautious if the items that you ordered don’t arrive on your doorstep in 10 days.

Don’t purchase from those who are hard-selling

If some merchant is trying to sell something hard, like extra something attached to the product, or massive discounts on products that are expensive and cost a reasonable amount of money, you should be cautious. Walk away from the purchase, and don’t look back. Chances are that he is trying to steal your financial information or selling you B quality goods. Stick to the web stores that respect your privacy and are marked safe by your web browser. Additionally, never use a debit card or a check to process the transaction, as both of these products fall short on sufficient security protections and could prove to be financially harmful to you if the merchant isn’t what he is posing to be. Stay Safe and Shop Safe!

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