Customers these days have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to shopping. They have more places to show now and much shorter attention spaces. Therefore, if you are running an e-commerce platform and your wish is to provide customers the best online service possible, you need to attract their attention and lure them into buying. Make sure that they get the best buying experience and make it a smooth and pleasant process. So, what can an e-commerce business do to ensure that their customer experience is up to the mark? Here are some tips to provide your customer with the best, so that they come back for more.

Interface and website

Make sure that your website loads in a matter of seconds. People tend to switch tabs or close sites that take time to respond. Ensure that your website is not massive and doesn’t take time to load. The main threat to your business is not your competitor, but it is the back button. Customer doesn’t wait for no one, they have plenty of options to buy from. This is a fact that almost two-thirds of people access these websites through their smartphones. So, make your GUI interactive and make sure that the site loads quickly.

Don’t forget about the search option

You should be aware that people use the search option more than interacting with the website. That is why to limit unnecessary clicks, and to ensure the auto-scroll features, you must add a search option to your e-commerce websites. It will allow a customer to search for a particular product that they want to buy. It is the best part of the customer journey, and you must allow them to enjoy it. Believe me, these days, no one has the time to scroll down and look for the product that they want to buy.

Place high-quality photos

Don’t ever underestimate the power of photos. Some website owners often neglect the part and place the picture that they get their hands on. Ensure that the images you updated for a particular product have visual appeal. Customer not only finds these ensuring but they also get attracted to them. We live in a world that is visual, so great photos are a source to provide the customer with the experience and the same feeling as if they were picking these items at their nearest store.

Less is more

Keep in mind not to post so many details about the product that the customer refrains from buying it. Excess of everything is terrible, and that is the thing you should keep in mind while describing the product. Do not clutter the screen of the customer, as it will only drive customers away and will potentially harm your business.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are essential to your business. They are the second most critical aspect of your business, as selling is the first. People trust people, and they would very much like it if there are real-life views of people about a specific product. Let the customers do the talking, let them rate the products and allow them to type-in their reviews at the end of every product.

Color psychology is a must

You need to pay close attention to color psychology when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your e-commerce website. If your website serves as a booking engine, try to use a green color scheme for checkout or payment buttons. Green is a signal for a go and will assert positivity in the customer’s mind.

Items in stock

If, due to excessive selling, a particular product runs out of your store, make sure that your customers know when it will be available in the stock. Nothing is more disheartening and distressing than when you find out that the item you wanted to buy is not in stock, or is discontinued due to any reason. Ensure that your shoppers really know about the stock availability and delivery options.

Ease of access

Put your contact information at the end of the website. In that way, the customers will have a glance at the products while scrolling down, and who knows something might attract their attention. Ensure that customers find contact information with ease. Shoppers have short attention spans and have no patience at all when it comes to finding an email address or a contact number.

Offering live chat

This must be your topmost priority. Most of the e-commerce websites neglect this fact and do not take this into consideration while running this sensitive business. Live chat doesn’t only answer shoppers’ queries but provides the store with real-time feedback about products and the costs.

Offer free shipping

This is the best service that you could provide to your shoppers. Free shipping is a must thing to do if you want to stay competitive. When you are offering free shipping, customers don’t worry about the hidden costs of the products. Not only this make the buying process more comfortable, but customers leave happy reviews about the company too, which is mandatory if you want your business to flourish.

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