What can you do to save your online shopping eCommerce from destruction by social media?

Social media can either be a friend or a foe when it comes to online shopping. It can either make careers or break careers. It has been noticed in the past few years that online shopping trends have been changing, and people are now shopping online by reading reviews and by conducting a research about products before going through with the final purchase. Although it might be the case that social media becomes your friend and due to filtered search results, you get the best reviews about the product you want to buy and do not see the bad comments related to it. So when you finally receive the product, it doesn’t match the description that has been uploaded on the website. Then what? Yes, social media could be a destroyer for e-commerce from the seller’s perspective, as well as the buyer’s perspective. Here’s how.

Seller’s perspective

Online shopping is the best way that sellers are making money in the comfort of their homes. They can now earn money while sitting on their comfortable couches and guarding their interests. The majority of online retail businesses and e-commerce businesses that are still new in the field are being run on Facebook. It takes one bad review for them to jeopardize their whole operation and leave them cliff-hanging. Due to the tough competition in the market, these small online e-commerce retailers do not sell much, and when they do, customers complain about the rate difference with that of big e-commerce retailers.

It is the case with some online retailers that they use fake reviews to help sell their stuff on social media, which doesn’t only affect the whole relationship of customers with that particular e-commerce platform, but the customer stops trusting any online shopping website after that incident.

Buyer’s perspective

Online shopping has made the shopping process more comfortable and easier. This is why more and more people are changing their old ways of visiting their nearest superstores and are buying the desired products online. Many buyers who have bought their products from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have reported that the e-commerce platform which sold them the product was fake and sent them the worst quality product. Many people reported that they find fake reviews while shopping online for a certain product and fall into the trap of scammers.


Online shopping from social media platforms is a daunting task for both the sellers and the buyers. Although the buyers have the option to buy from other platforms, the sellers don’t have the option to sell their product to that buyer who read the bad review about their products. That is why sellers need social media strategies.

Social media strategies are used to achieve the best communication levels and use the tools to achieve a specific set of goals. The goals set to achieve are basically measurable objects for using social media. Social media strategies are inherently used to target the basic audiences that you want to, without even leaving your place. Here’s why you need social media strategies to stop social media from destroying your e-commerce business.

The social web is growing at the fastest pace

According to the latest statistics, almost 70% of people spend more time on social media rather than other websites, and these numbers are still growing. Since 2014, more and more people are using smartphones rather than computers. That is why you need a marketable social media strategy to hit the audience where you need it to hit.

Purchasing decisions are made through social media

The primary focus of the current era is commerce and personalization, and that is why all of the major platforms have put huge money in providing advertising solutions to their problems and are using smart targeting techniques to target the audiences. These e-commerce platforms are using social media to

  • Manage their audience and can do custom targets
  • Create a custom advertisement and campaigns
  • Run analytics to see what they achieved
  • Easily manage campaign assets such as pages and accounts

That is why half of the people who purchase the products from these platforms have already made their minds about buying these products. Many other people carry out these purchases mainly due to peer pressure and celebrity endorsement.

Customers are always active on social media

Due to the feasibility of using social media to access all the information of the world in a matter of seconds, people have stopped looking at the TV whenever something happens. People have stopped reading blogs and emails as they use Instagram and Facebook as their content stream. Even if it makes up to half of your online audience, it might happen that your customers will perform a transaction through your social media platform. A genuine model is the ascent of Twitter for client assistance, with brands like BT holding onto it as a viable client inquiry and issue resolve channel. That doesn’t mean customary disregard types of client support, it implies refreshing your client assistance structure to factor in social associations.

Due to the unfair usage of social media and so much spam, many e-commerce platforms face huge social media backlash and struggle to survive in the environment. But with the usage of these social media strategies, every business can flourish and repair the damage accordingly.

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